RacingLand Founder Brian Tse appointed as Head of Greater China Council of KHIC

Brian Tse, founder of RacingLand, was formally appointedas Head of Greater China Councilby Korea Horse Industry Council (KHIC). Following the appointment of Ms. Jang Mi-Kyung, founder of the Korea Horse Industry Council, as a member of the RacingLand committee, this is another strategic breakthrough in cooperation between the two parties, wherein Mr. Tse will be responsible for the strategic development and promotion of projects conducted by the Korea Horse Industry Council in the Greater China region.

The Korea Horse Industry Council, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea, is committed to promoting the continual development of the South Korean equine industry in three specific areas of industrial focus — primarily, that of horse-breeding; secondarily, the development and manufacturing of equine products and horse oil cosmetics; and tertiarily, horseracing, themed sightseeing, as well as the development of horseracing apparel and its derivative products. Since its establishment in 2011, KHIC has actively promoted South Korea’s equine industry and the expanding influence it has enjoyed since then is developing at an unprecedented rate.

“We have always been concerned with the development of the equine industry in the Greater China region. The Chinese government is constantly accelerating the layout of the horseracing industry in Hainan, which is a market that cannot be ignored,” stated Ms. Jang Mi-Kyung, the founder of KHIC. “As a pioneer in the reform and innovation of the equine industry, RacingLand uses cutting-edge technologies to propose innovative transformational mindset and business models for the ecology of the equine industry. Mr. Tse has over 15 years of experience in the horseracing industry. Simultaneously, as the founder of RacingLand, he has been pushing the commercialisation of blockchain and other new technologies as bulwarks to bolster the development of the equine industry. We believe that his join into KHIC will undoubtedly help us further develop the unlimited potential of this fast-growing market in Greater China region. “

“It is a great honor for me to receive this appointment. As a close affiliate with the South Korean government, KHIC has been continuously promoting the international development of the South Korean equine industry through inter-regional exchanges and co-operation.” Mr. Tse stated. “The Greater China regionis a huge market full of potential — in addition to Hong Kong, which has the world’s top and mature horseracing practice, mainland China and Taiwan are also pushing for widespread adoption of the equine industry and accelerating its progress. This is a huge ecological system, where regional co-operation can greatly speed up the process of modernising this ancient and noble activity.I hope that through the concerted efforts, we will be able to promote South Korea’s outstanding equine industry, and its equine culture, to the Greater China region.”

About KHIC:

Korea Horse Industry Council presents the right policy directions and alternatives for nurturing and supporting the horse industry. It is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of the Republic of Korea, which was established on November 28, 2011 to promote balanced development of the economy and enhance the quality of life of the people by establishing the development base of the horse industry and strengthening its competitiveness.

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