Founder of Korea Horse Industry Council Appointed as RACINGLAND Committee Member

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

In order to promote the application of new and innovative technologies to the horseracing industry, and the development of the South Korean equine industry, Jang Mi-Kyung, founder of the Korea Horse Industry Council (KHIC), has been appointed as a member of the RacingLand Committee, to be responsible for and oversee RacingLand’s business development in South Korea.

At a meeting held after the appointment ceremony concluded, the two parties discussed and reached a cooperative intention to jointly formulate and develop a horse-themed on-the-spot tourism project on Jeju Island — more information on this project will be available soon. The procedures of field visits and development of joint projects aiming to better-promote South Korea’s domestic and more-internationalised equine industries were also discussed.

The Korea Horse Industry Council is affiliated with the Korea Agriculture and Forestry Aquaculture Department and is committed to promoting the development of the equine industry in South Korea. Since its establishment in 2011, the Council has become one of the most valuable institutional assets in South Korea’s equine industry, with excellent performance in the development of equine industrial policy, industry promotion, and exposure within professional media.

Ms. Jang Mi-Kyun, the founder of KHIC, has been a leading figure in the industry. Juggling both her roles as a social activist and successful business leader, President Jang has an open mind to new technologies and methods, and has been working to introduce new and innovative technologies to the South Korean equine industry so as to promote its overall development.

In January 2019, RacingLand formally start its footprint in South Korean market, reaching a consensus on cooperation with the Korea Horse Industry Council by signing a memorandum of understanding on cooperation (MOU). At the same time, RaingLand founder Brian Tse was appointed head of the Greater China Council of KHIC,, representing the will of the Committee to extend South Korea’s equine prowess to Greater China market.

In the near future, both parties will continue to make concrete and meaningful efforts to develop South Korean equine industry and culture, in order to achieve greater and more rapid growth of the industry.

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