Horse Treadmill Is slowly disrupting the Traditional Track Training

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

The introduction of a new training method with horse treadmill is slowly disrupting the track training in South Korea. RacingLand has been working closely with the local experts to improve the quality of the Korean equestrian industry, from facility to operation. Recently, RacingLand was meeting up with Jisan Horseland for broadening its own local eco-system.

Due to the limited supply of land for horse training, Jisan Horseland has been partnering with Northern Farm from Japan and developed a winning formula with the new horse training method, which solely relies on a horse treadmill. Currently, horse treadmill is primarily used for clinical evaluation and research, because it could easily adjust the intensity by changing running pattern, including speed and inclination.

Mr. Hong Seung Ho, CEO of Jisan Horseland, believes that horse treadmill is one of the most effective training methods for a stable that has very limited land. Horse training, especially for young thoroughbred horses, must balance the development of cardiopulmonary function and the aerobic capacity. The training must be conducted conservatively to prevent injuring the horses.

Alvin Lam, managing partner of RacingLand pointed out that using only treadmill to train the horse is probably against many of the training theories. However, with today’s technology, it might work for some certain stables that with limited space. This training method allows the trainer to gather more real data and learn their horses much better.

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